"The Door to Hope"

There is a great benefit to journaling. Today, I just feel empty and yet I know that I'm in Christ. I have eternal life but "feel" eternal death. There is a great existential reality of walking with Christ in a dying and hopeless world. Therefore, this hymn is about our hope that cannot fade away nor can it be taken away for Christ, the God-man, is our hope (1 Tim 1:1). In essence, this hymn is to stir up our affections for our Savior who is the way into eternal hope. My soul seems to be in a downcast gloom, yet hope in God who will provide redemption in full, our eternal inheritance, and will give our resurrected bodies. Glory to Christ who is our eternal Door and Hope.

He is our door and hope

His blood, our means to cope

Eternal life our great promise

Glory to God, our eternal Assurance

By faith we enter in Him

Lamb of God who took our sin

That good Shepherd we trust

Resurrected life given to His creatures of dust

Despair and gloom have their grip

Eternal death gone by one sip

In suffering and labor we toil still

Rejoicing in hope even if they kill

The uncertainty of riches will not last

Our loving Captain - our Anchor and Mast

He is our door into eternal life

Our gracious Husband who is coming for His wife

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I tend to write a hymn-inspired poem after my daily Bible reading. In general, I will pray before I read, then read the text ( usually two to four times) and conclude with deliberate meditation on it.