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Who Are We?

We are a family of writers chosen - by our Heavenly Father - to serve Him, and glorify His son, Jesus Christ, in everything we do! This means that everything we do is brought into subjection to Jesus, joyfully and humbly. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, King, and our great God and Savior; to those who believe in Him, he has given the right to become children of God, able to become heirs to the inheritance of eternal life, now, and forevermore. We exist to love, serve and fear God, and to keep his commandments. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, as members of the church, we are subject to Christ!

What do we do?

Our mission is to "share the gospel, in word and deed (to those near and far) and urgently equip the saints for the Great Commission." This means that:

  1. The content we create should exalt the Gospel: 

    • Jesus died on the cross for our sins

    • Jesus was buried

    • Jesus was resurrected 3 days later

    • Jesus was seen by many witnesses after His resurrection. 

  2. Our Gospel presentation, should be accompanied with good works. We believe that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone; good works alone do not save a person's soul, rather, good works are the fruit, based on the root, of saving faith: a Christian should be lead by the Holy Spirit to good works, as evidence of saving faith: faith without works, is dead. This practically translates into content that we create, which demonstrates Christianity as a Spirit lead lifestyle, and not as a trophy of good works or merit. A person must be born again, to truly experience eternal life, and the fruit of the Spirit.

  3. Our audience is defined as those who our Heavenly Father has called to believe in Jesus Christ, no matter how "near" or "far;" those who feel like they have been far from God, but have a measure of desire to experience the freedom that Jesus offers by believing in Him: these are those with faith the size of a mustard seed, which Jesus said would be able to do incredible things. Those who feel near to God, through Jesus Christ, should be mutually encouraged & sanctified through the content provided, as we dive into God's word. 

  4. Our Gospel presentation is urgent, meaning, we strive to share the truth, unfiltered, as it is written. For the benefit of the saints (believers), we strive to arrive at a knowledge of the truth, rather than remain in the darkness of humanistic philosophies: the light shines through the darkness, and the bible tells us that "[the word of God] is a lamp unto my feet & a light unto my path." The word of God, guides our footsteps, and shows us the way we ought to walk.  

  5. Jesus gave us a commission, and we desire to help equip the saints through the knowledge of God; this knowledge of God should empower followers of Christ to fulfill this "Great Commission" given to us, to:

    • Make disciples of all nations​

    • Baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit 

    • Teach those (who are disciples) to observe all that Jesus has commanded us.






Why do we do it?

We love the word of God! Jesus likened those who hear His word, and do what it says, to someone who built his house on a solid rock, that could not be shaken even in the midst of a massive flood, because it was well built; Jesus also said that those who hear His word and does not put them into practice, is like a man who built his house on the ground without a foundation, and when the floods came, immediately it fell and the ruin of that house was great. 

We desire to share God's word, and to apply it, so that we may be like the man who built his house on solid rock. Jesus is the Rock, upon which we build our lives! We hope to inspire others to dig deep into God's word, to build their lives upon the Rock, who is Christ, that they may be blessed!